DeStore launches the Retail Stores run by DAOs. Buying Ownership NFT, you co-own & run the store via DeStore mobile dApp.
1st store is located at 348 Hayes Street, which is in front of Warby Parker in San Francisco.
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New— Retail is Here

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Ownership NFT
STORE_0 Ownership NFT will be in sale in:

DeStore is close frens with

STORE_0 was successfully leased at 348 Hayes St, San Francisco. It's in front of Away, Warby Parker, and Mejuri. The area is called Hayes Valley, where a number of modern luxury brands dream opening their flag ships.

Store_0 is now ready for business.

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Ownership NFT coming soon.

  • The governance rights of the store, including choose what to sell at the store, music playlist, the staff to hire, and more.
  • Access to owners-only mobile dApp to own the store.
  • The profit of the store belongs to NFT Owners' treasury.
  • More to come!

We're the first DAO-governed store in the world.

What is an NFT?
An NFT (non-fungible token) is a one-of-a-kind digital item that we can buy, own, and trade. Most NFTs are for cool arts, but ours are art also working as an "owners card" for your access to an owners-only community.
What if the Ownership NFTs are sold out?
You can purchase second-hand membership cards on Rarible or OpenSea!
Who decides what to sell at STORE_0?
You! As part of the community, you can help vote and execute on what happens with STORE_0. No more undesired stuff to be sold in your neighbourhood.