How does

NFT Membership
Step 1

Apply - Purchase the
Owner NFT To Join

Owners will be curated to establish a sustainable community.People can become Owners via the DeStore mobile dApp with an email address and credit card.
Step 2

You Decide What to Sell. We Facilitate the Rest.

There are 3 layers of decision making. The community is involved in the fun operative decisions, while the rest is done by us.
Step 3

Be Connected With Your DeStore, Real-Time.

You track what is happening in your DeStore real-time via dApp.
Step 4

A Portion of Profits Are Governed By Community.

Community deicides how to use the profit, like using it for further store improvement, distribute to each owner, etc.
👋  Welcome Owner datz.eth
Step 5

Building a GOOD store. Visiting here as an owner.

Unlock exclusive in-store experiences via connect wallet. For example, in-store displays verify Ownership, obtain check-in points to increase status of NFT, get discounts, etc.
👋  Welcome Owner datz.eth

Apply to open
a good one.

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