framework for the future of retail

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Ownership NFT

The key of the retail

Most retail businesses do not break even for Year 1 since it takes such a long time to build up the community.

The reason why consumers NEED to spend money in-store is the sense of belonging to the community.

The distance between owners and consumers is getting closer. In 2020's, everybody will become a whole group of stakeholders.

With utilizing crypto technology, the new retail should be the store where consumers can act like a co-owner beyond an evangelist.

dApp protocol for the future of retail

We'll launch 5000 unique stores all over the world.

We do not own the stores however each store DAO will own them.

The 1st store, STORE_0, is located in SF as the world’s first experiment to co-own the store as a DAO.

DeStore builds the framework for the future of retail where each community co-own the store.